The case took place in the heart of the very chic 7th arrondissement of Paris.

The deputy for the 3rd district of Hérault, Coralie Dubost, and her companion were attacked during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday as they left a restaurant, shortly after midnight, learned

20 minutes




According to the first elements of the investigation, four men emerged from behind, grabbing Coralie Dubost by the neck, putting her hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming before dropping her.

His companion said he was violently strangled before being thrown to the ground.

Over 15,000 euros in loot

To the police officers who intervened shortly after their assault, the latter confided that he was surprised by the fact that their attackers seemed particularly "inexperienced", discussing the advisability of stealing such and such a thing.

Neither has been hospitalized.

The criminals in particular stole a luxury watch estimated at 12,000 euros as well as the handbag of the deputy which contained in particular her badge of the National Assembly, their phones, two necklaces worth 1,800 euros.

An investigation was opened on Wednesday of the robbery with violence.

The investigations were entrusted to the 3rd DPJ.

For the time being, no arrest has taken place.


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