On October 21, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin introduced that since the outbreak, China has firmly upheld the attributes of vaccines as a global public product and has done everything possible to provide vaccines to the international community.

This is what China says, and it does so.

In the past week alone, China has provided more than 60 million doses of vaccine to about 20 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

As of October 17, China had provided more than 1.5 billion doses of vaccine to more than 100 countries and international organizations.

China's vaccine has played an active role in helping relevant countries fight the epidemic, and has been widely welcomed and highly recognized by all parties.

The leaders of more than 30 countries went to the airport to greet the Chinese vaccine, and the leaders of more than 30 countries publicly vaccinated the Chinese vaccine.

Leaders of many countries expressed their gratitude to China, believing that China’s precious support and help is a vivid portrayal of "seeing the truth in adversity" and has set a good example of international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

(Producing Sui Zhiyuan)

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]

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