Several journalists were beaten by the Taliban to prevent coverage of a women's protest on Thursday in downtown Kabul.

This group of about twenty women was able to parade exceptionally in the center of Kabul for more than an hour and a half to defend their right to study and work, without being arrested or beaten by the Taliban present.

Dressed in colorful scarves, coats and pants, the demonstrators chanted "unemployment, poverty, hunger" and "we want to work" while calling for the reopening of schools for girls.

Rifle butt shots and kicks

The demonstrators, framed at times very closely by the Taliban security forces, also brandished, in the middle of the traffic, small signs on A4 sheet on which one could read "we do not have the right to work".

The last women's demonstration, on September 30, was dispersed within minutes by Taliban force.

On the other hand, the media present were prevented from approaching, photographing or filming the procession, violently repulsed by the Taliban fighters present.

Among them, a journalist was beaten with a rifle but then kicked out of the procession and threatened by one of the Taliban present.

Some being armed with AK-47 or M-16 rifles.

"The Taliban respect nothing"

The women were not physically attacked during the march, but on several occasions the Taliban tried to interrupt them, including verbally.

They eventually decided to disperse and none were arrested, said an organizer.

"This is the situation: the Taliban respect nothing, not journalists, neither locals, nor foreigners, and not women," said one of the organizers, Zahra Mohammadi, adding: "My message to all the girls of this country is, "Don't be afraid of the Taliban. And even if your family won't let you leave home, don't be afraid. Get out, come, make sacrifices, fight for your rights, you have to. make a difference for the next generation ””.


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