• Gb, the man who killed the deputy Amess remains in custody.

    The father: "I'm shocked"

  • Britain, stabbed and killed Conservative MP David Amess


October 21, 2021A "religious and ideological" motive, probably a lone wolf who struck without counting on accomplices. So Nick Price, of the Crown Prosecution Service after Scotland Yard's tightened investigation into the murder of Conservative MP David Amess, stabbed to death on Friday 15 October. Ali Harbi Ali, 25, a Londoner of Somali origin, was formally indicted for

murder with the aggravating circumstance of preparing an act of terrorism

. The fact of blood continues to deeply shake politics and public opinion in the United Kingdom, the ambush of leigh-on-Sea, in southern England, took place during a public meeting of the parliamentarian with his constituents, a consolidated practice in democracy British, which therefore also exposes the others to a reflection on safety. 

Ali Harbi a "lone wolf"

Matt Jukes, head of Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism, confirmed that there were no further arrests and no other people were sought in connection with the assassination. It would be a lone wolf, acting without having connections with terrorist cells. At least what the investigators found after the first investigations.


This is the third British MP to have been stabbed in the last 10 years or so. 

In 2010 it was the turn of Labor Stephen Timms, who was wounded by two stabs. 

In 2016, Labor MP Jo Cox was killed in a similar attack by a right-wing extremist. Both attacked, like Amess, on the sidelines of meetings in their respective constituencies. 

In 2000, instead, an assistant to the Liberal Democrat deputy Nigel Jones was killed, who stood in front of a stabber just to defend the MP. 

Who was David Amess

Decorated in his time with the knighthood and title of Sir, he has been one of the UK's longest-serving MPs, since his first election in 1983. He leaves behind his wife, Julia Arnold, who worked for him part-time as an assistant.

The couple has five children: four girls and one boy.

Born in Plaistow, London, he studied economics at Bournemouth College of Technology and worked as a teacher and recruiting consultant before entering politics.

A staunch supporter of Brexit, Catholic and staunchly monarchist, he had strongly conservative positions on the subject of abortion and homosexual unions and an advocate of the return to capital punishment.

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