A 44-year-old driver, author of several traffic violations, was arrested in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The man made several attempts to escape the police, who had spotted him during a traffic check.

In his vehicle, he first refused to obey the police asking him to stop, says 76actu.

The 40-year-old native of Montville (Seine-Maritime) then hit a parked car, throwing it into another vehicle.

The driver then fled on foot before being intercepted by the police who had chased him.

Alcoholic state and lack of driving license

After taking the driver into custody, the police discovered that he was driving without a driver's license and drunk.

His blood alcohol level was indeed 1.12 g.

The Norman was not in possession of his gray card either.

He was also accused of a refusal to comply and a lack of control of his vehicle.


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