• Donald Trump is preparing to compete with Facebook and Twitter by launching a social network called "Truth Social".

  • Supposed to "resist the tyranny of the giants of technology", this platform will allow him to reinvest in a social network, after being banned, in early 2021, from Facebook and Twitter.

  • What do we know, at this stage, about this platform?

    And how can it serve the interests of Donald Trump?

A little less than a year after being banned from Facebook and Twitter, which accused him of having incited his supporters to violence after the assault on the Capitol, Donald Trump is preparing to launch his own social network.

Entitled "Social Truth", this platform - of which he evoked the concept last March - aims to "resist the tyranny of the giants of technology", in the words of the press release published by the group Trump Media and Technology (TMTG).

Should we expect to see the emergence of a real social network or a simple personal communication tool for the former US president? 

20 Minutes

takes stock, according to what we know, at this stage, of this platform, the launch of which is scheduled for early 2022.

What is “Truth Social”?

According to its description, the application - pre-downloadable from the App Store - intends to offer "free and open debates without any discrimination vis-à-vis political ideologies", whether they are libertarian, conservative or liberal.

“Imagine you are at your best friend's wedding.

Who is here ?

Many families from all over the United States and around the world.

[…] Even though we do not always agree, we welcome these diverse opinions with open arms, ”this presentation continues.

For Alexis Pichard, researcher in American civilization and author of the book 

Trump and the media, the illusion of a war?

(VA Editions), “Truth Social” is one of the most serious initiatives for the former president: “At the beginning of the year, Donald Trump had already tried to exist outside of social networks after being excluded, through a blog associated with its official website. It was a total failure, to the point that he had to close it after a month because the site, done in a hurry, was not at all ergonomic. He clearly had no ambition to compete with Twitter. "

“This time, however, the creation of the TMTG group, which will be listed on the stock exchange, and the design of Truth Social, very inspired by that of Twitter, seem to be up to the challenge, we have the impression that Trump takes seriously his ambition to compete with the Internet giants Facebook and Twitter, ”continues the specialist.

Will the platform really be devoid of any political ideology?

Despite its promises of neutrality, will this platform emanating from a personality as divisive as Donald Trump really succeed in seducing all audiences? "The argument put forward by Donald Trump in the press release, according to which the Taliban can express themselves on Twitter but not him, is good enough: it gives grain to grind and credibility to his actions as to his criticisms of Twitter and of Facebook, which he has long accused of censoring the voice of the conservatives, ”analyzes Alexis Pichard.

And the researcher in American civilization continues: “However, I do not think that this social network will be disconnected from all ideology, especially as the TMTG group plans to launch“ non-woke ”programs therefore in agreement with the base. hard of his supporters.

I find it hard to see Twitter subscribers abandoning this social network to migrate to Truth Social, with the exception of the conservatives.


What interest for Donald Trump?

Trump's investment in this social network is obviously not without interest.

But who has the most to gain?

The former president in search of political revenge or the business tycoon back to his core business?

“Donald Trump has a relationship with the media above all monetary, commercial.

He is one of the politicians who has earned the most money by being President of the United States, ”recalls Alexis Pichard.

“He obviously intends to make the TMTG group profitable and take advantage of this new adventure.

But the fact that he is launching Truth Social in 2022, a crucial year for American politics with the midterm elections, which could see Congress go back to the Republicans, is obviously not insignificant.

It is also a pivotal moment for Donald Trump who does not hide his desires for revenge and has the presidential election of 2024 in his sights, ”analyzes the specialist.

As such, “Truth Social” presents an indisputable added value for the former president vis-à-vis Twitter and Facebook: “It quite simply allows him to be present on a social network.



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