The caretaker cabinet does not yet have a new solution for the 1,115 children of parents who are victims of the allowance affair that have been removed from home.

In 420 current cases, it is examined whether the custodial placement can be "reconsidered".

The government, municipalities and youth care institutions are going to look at the options for victims of parents and their children.

But specifically for parents and children who are now dealing with out-of-home placements, more is needed, writes outgoing minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) to the House on Thursday afternoon.

A concrete plan has yet to be worked out.

"It can be examined whether recovery of the family situation is desirable and possible and to what extent an ongoing out-of-home placement can be reconsidered," writes Dekker.

"This requires an individual assessment in each case, in which the best interests of the child must come first," said the minister.

Dekker emphasizes that a forced custodial placement can only be determined by a judge.

Possible violation of children's rights

At the beginning of this week there was a lot of indignation about the large number of 1,115 children of the so-called 'allowance parents' who have been placed out of their homes.

It showed once again how much pain and damage the allowance affair has caused.

The affected parents were wrongly labeled as fraudsters by the tax authorities.

The Institute for Human Rights, among others, ruled harshly.

"There is a chance that these and other children's rights have been, and may still be, violated by the benefits affair," the organization responded to evictions.

As far as the Institute is concerned, the cabinet must carry out an "immediate thorough investigation" into the situation of these children to see to what extent the allowance affair is the cause of the separation of children and their parents.

Due to the high debts as a result of recoveries and the discontinuation of the childcare allowance, many parents found themselves in deep trouble.

Cabinet acknowledges that eviction may be the result of allowances affair

CDA, SP and ChristenUnie have asked the cabinet several times in recent weeks about how many evictions are involved.

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) investigated the situation of approximately 50,000 children of parents who are identified by the Tax Authorities as victims.

This concerns children who came into contact with youth protection and youth care in the period between 2015 and 2020.

"We think it is terrible if problems with the childcare allowance have played a role in any way in a custodial placement", writes Dekker, also on behalf of outgoing state secretaries Alexandra van Huffelen (Supplies) and Paul Blokhuis (Public Health).

"We recognize that financial problems may have caused an accumulation of other problems for the family, which ultimately forced authorities to move children into out-of-home care."

Victimized parents receive compensation of at least 30,000 euros, but the compensation scheme is not going smoothly, much to the frustration of the House.

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