The police have again arrested members of Cooperative Last Will (CLW) on suspicion of assisted suicide.

It concerns a 72-year-old woman from Amersfoort and a 78-year-old man from Den Bosch, the Public Prosecution Service reported on Thursday.

The woman was arrested Monday.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects her of, among other things, trading in a drug that reduces the tendency to vomit.

This drug is often used in suicide and can only be dispensed by doctors and pharmacists.

Justice is investigating how many people she has given these medicines to.

According to the OM, the Amersfoortse also collaborated with 28-year-old Eindhoven resident Alex S., who was arrested in July and will soon be in court on suspicion of selling the deadly drug sodium azide.

The woman is said to have taken the drugs against nausea from him.

The police also arrested a 78-year-old Bossche on Tuesday.

He may also have taken resources, but to determine his precise role in the case, according to the Public Prosecution Service, more research is needed.

He was released after his interrogation, but remains a suspect in the case.

The woman from Amersfoort will remain detained for at least ten days, the examining magistrate determined on Thursday.

The Public Prosecution Service is trying to find out to whom the resources were provided, to find out whether the actions of the suspects also led to suicides.

In the same investigation, CLW chairman Jos van W. was also arrested last month.

He has not been arrested, but is still a suspect in the case.

CLW says to inform members about suicide

CLW was founded in 2013 and claims to have more than 26,500 members.

The aim of the organization is to provide what is known as a last will to people who want to end their lives.

This is prohibited by law.

The CLW is committed to changing the law on this point.

As long as it is not allowed, the organization wants to inform its members about chemical substances that are legally available and can be used as a means of suicide.

However, the CLW wants this to be done "carefully and safely".

The cooperative provides information about, among other things, the reliability of drugs, side effects, the safe storage of the stuff and care for next of kin.

This year, the CLW stopped with so-called living room meetings with immediate effect.

The organization had received signals that members might provide each other with life-ending drugs.

A member of the cooperative is under criminal investigation for allegedly providing 'suicide powder' to people on a large scale.

Are you thinking about suicide?

You are not alone.

Contact 113 Suicide Prevention via

or call 113 (local rate) or 0800-0113 (free).

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