A young woman who had just got off a bus was run over by a car on Tuesday in Quimper (Finistère).

The motorist behind the wheel of an SUV then dragged the victim for more than a kilometer before fleeing, according to 

Le Télégramme


The 28-year-old student was still in hospital in critical condition on Wednesday.

The driver, for her part, was able to be arrested, 1h30 after the fact, thanks to the CCTV cameras of the city police station.

Originally from Côtes-d'Armor and aged 78, she was taken into police custody.

License withdrawn and vehicle seized

The septuagenarian was then referred to the Quimper prosecutor's office.

Without a previous record, she was released but placed under judicial supervision.

His car was seized and his license revoked.

During his custody, the motorist admitted to having hit something but thought it was an animal.

"It was very light, I did not realize", she would have assured.

An investigation has been opened for aggravated unintentional injuries and hit and run.


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