On October 20, local time, according to Japanese media reports, part of the diagnosis and treatment building of the Hospital of Osaka University School of Medicine in Japan mistakenly connected the toilet water to the drinking water pipeline.

This situation has been going on for nearly 30 years.

During this period, the staff and patients of the hospital have mistakenly used toilet water for drinking, washing hands, and gargle.

  According to reports, Osaka University in Japan announced that in part of the medical building of the affiliated hospital of the Ministry of Medicine, the well water that was simply treated should have been used for flushing toilets, but the well water pipe was incorrectly connected to the drinking water pipe. There were 120 taps with this mistake.

  According to reports, the hospital was built in 1993, and the water pipe connection error has lasted for nearly 30 years.

As the hospital was preparing to build a new diagnosis and treatment building, relevant personnel discovered this problem during inspections.

  According to reports, the hospital checks the color, taste, smell, etc. of the water once a week. Judging from the existing records, there has been no problem since April 2014.

According to Osaka University, through the investigation of water quality, no health hazards have been found.

  The relevant person in charge publicly apologized for this. He said, "The university hospitals that provide advanced medical services have caused the public's anxiety, and I am very sorry for this."

He added that there are 105 buildings in the university that use simply treated well water, and the school will check the connection of their water pipes.

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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