Early voting for the House of Representatives election announced on the 19th began on the 20th, and voters are visiting the municipal facilities that accept the votes from the morning.

Early voting is a system that allows voters who cannot vote due to work or travel on the day of voting to vote in advance with a simple procedure.

Prior to the House of Representatives election, which will be voted on the 31st of this month, early voting began on the 20th, and of these, the Shinjuku Ward Office in Tokyo was visited by voters one after another from the start of acceptance at 8:30 am.

The voters who visited received the ballot of the small constituency and the proportional representative by writing down the reason why they could not vote on the election day, and cast one vote by writing the names of the candidates and political parties.

This election was held while taking measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, and rubbing alcohol and disinfected pencils were prepared at the venue for the early voting.

Early voting was introduced in the 2005 election in the House of Representatives election, and in Tokyo, about 2.25 million people, or about 37% of the total votes cast in the previous and four years ago elections, voted early.

Early voting for the House of Representatives election is accepted at the government offices and public halls of each local government until Saturday, 30th of this month, the day before the voting date, except for some areas.

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