Chinanews, October 20. According to Russian satellite network, on the 19th local time, US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adjemo stated at a hearing in the US Senate that the US does not intend to return funds from the Central Bank of Afghanistan. The Taliban in Afghanistan.

  According to reports, Adejemo said that he "didn't see the Taliban being able to obtain these funds." "We believe that it is important to maintain the sanctions against the Taliban, but at the same time we must also send legitimate humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. . This is what we are doing."

  Earlier, according to US media reports, after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital Kabul on August 15, the US government decided to freeze the Afghan central bank’s foreign assets on the same day. Therefore, the Taliban cannot obtain these assets so far.

  Taliban leaders have repeatedly requested Washington to unfreeze Afghanistan’s national reserves, but Washington emphasized that the decision of the United States and other Western countries to provide financial assistance to Afghanistan is based on the Taliban’s next approach.

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