Private photos of the royal family rarely go around thanks to the media code, but this week it hit the mark again with a photo of Alexia and her friends partying at her new school in Wales.

How strict is that media code and what are the consequences if you share a private photo of the royal family?

Alexia left for Wales last summer to continue her secondary education there.

Fortunately, in addition to studying, there is also time for relaxation, which can be seen in the photo in question that was shared on social media this week.

The princess, dressed in a red, revealing outfit, poses for the camera with friends, who are also dressed for a party.

The photo was placed on the site of the magazine

Ditjes en Datjes


After that, various other online channels shared the image of Alexia.

The fact that the princess and her friends all have a protected Instagram account did not help.

"Publishing the photo does not serve the public interest and this is a private situation,"

the Government Information Service (RVD) told



When it became known that Alexia would leave for Wales, the RVD already warned that the princesses' school days are private and that the royal couple expects the media to "continue to respect the privacy of their daughters".

It's not the first time this has gone wrong.

Willem-Alexander and his daughters Amalia and Ariane were secretly photographed while eating a burger at McDonald's.

The image was quickly taken offline by the photographer, but can still be found online.

Sometimes the family itself shares a private image: Willem-Alexander took a photo of Alexia just before she left for Wales.

Sometimes the family itself shares a private image: Willem-Alexander took a photo of Alexia just before she left for Wales.

Photo: King Willem-Alexander

It has been illegal to photograph the family since 2005.

That's when the Media Code was introduced.

(Then) Queen Beatrix and her family were increasingly troubled by photographers who invaded their private lives and therefore decided to organize a press moment three times a year in which the family poses for the media.

A big fine for secretly photographing a shopping

queen Máxima and then sharing this image on Instagram is not an option.

Other reprisals may follow.

RTL Boulevard

showed an Instagram photo at the end of 2019 that was made during the Christmas musical in which Amalia played a major role. As a result, the entertainment program was not allowed to attend the press event in Lech, which was organized a few months later.

"Members of the Royal House also have the right to imagine themselves unobserved during such private circumstances.

In our view, showing the recording is an infringement of the privacy of the king and his family." The Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ) finds this crooked: "This method does not fit with the public responsibility that the Royal House should display."


Ditjes en Datjes is

not on the guest list at royal press moments, so putting the medium on the banned list makes little sense.

In addition, the media code is not binding: that means that it is only a (very urgent) advice from the RVD to the media not to share private images of the family. Publishing is therefore allowed, although in a more extreme case it can still be decided to start a lawsuit. It is up to the court to decide whether the publication is indeed unlawful.

Taking and distributing a photo of Alexia yourself will therefore have greater consequences

than publishing images that were initially leaked via Instagram.

Ditjes en Datjes

will probably not have to expect

a lawsuit

, if the medium decides to leave the photo in question. is awaiting a response from the editors of the magazine.

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