China Overseas Chinese Network, October 20. According to the "Europe Times" Spanish WeChat public account "Xiwen", the "Confidential" reported that Mr. Huang, a Chinese who has lived in Spain for 20 years, has been unemployed for 5 years and has been living on the streets for 4 months. , The only source of income is unemployment benefits. Mr. Huang’s unemployment benefits are paid through a CaixaBank account. However, CaixaBank cancelled his account, which made him unable to receive unemployment benefits.

  The Spanish social service agency pointed out that Mr. Huang belongs to a disadvantaged group. In the summer of 2021, he was expelled from his residence. He has lived on the street for more than 120 days until now, relying on the help of his neighbors to make a living.

  Mr. Huang is a Chinese living in Spain and one of thousands of Chinese whose accounts have been closed by CaixaBank.

According to the report, about 1,500 Chinese in West China received a letter from CaixaBank and informed them that they would close all their accounts in the bank within 60 days.

At that time, CaixaBank explained that the decision was based on its "internal risk minimization policy."

  Judging from Mr. Huang’s situation, CaixaBank allowed him to use the basic payment accounts of disadvantaged groups to avoid commissions within 2 years, but CaixaBank registered Huang’s account as an unemployment benefit receiving account in the social service department. He canceled his account.

  CaixaBank sent the account closure information to Mr. Huang’s previous residence by letter in June 2021, but due to being evicted from the residence, he himself did not get the letter until October.

So Mr. Huang went to CaixaBank to file a complaint, but no one paid any attention to him.

  According to a report from the Social Services Department of the Leganes Municipal Government in Spain, Mr. Huang does not have any family members in Spain who can support him.

The document indicated that Mr. Huang’s closest person was a friend who welcomed him into his home.

When applying for unemployment benefits, Huang slept in a park on the street, relying on food and donations from neighbors to make ends meet.

  CaixaBank staff explained that before freezing any accounts, the bank will send a letter to the owner informing him that he has 60 days to go to the bank for relevant procedures, and the bank will refund all his savings.

  It is understood that Mr. Huang came to Spain 20 years ago. He said that he had worked for others for 15 years and then started his own business. However, he was forced to close the store because he was unable to make ends meet.

Since then, he has been looking for a job for 5 years.

During this period, Mr. Huang received unemployment benefits for 2 years.

  In 2021, the Social Services Department of Leganes, Spain identified Mr. Huang as a vulnerable group. He applied for unemployment benefits to the Spanish National Public Employment Service, which was approved by the authorities and issued 451 euros of unemployment benefits to him. gold.


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