China News Service, October 20. According to the US "World Journal" report, Chinese in Southern California in the United States have recently complained about the continuous rise in prices, which is unbearable, which has led to an increase in household financial expenditures.

However, because the Chinese family tradition advocates frugality and usually likes to save savings, they have their own methods when dealing with rising prices.

Some families are also willing to share with everyone to tide over the difficulties together.

  Ms. Yu, who lives in the East District of San Gabriel Valley, has four children, all of whom are in middle school and elementary school.

She said that rising prices have a great impact on family spending. For example, going to a regular meal with four children would cost more than $70.

So now try to reduce eating out as much as possible, and reduce eating out twice a week to once a week or once every two weeks, and at the same time cook more meals at home for the children.

There is also the clothes worn by the children. The clothes of the three boys are "passed on" as much as possible, so that the clothes worn by the older children will not be immediately thrown away.

  Southern California’s inland inflation is more serious than in other regions. Ms. Liu, who lives in Riverside City, said that it is a fine tradition of Chinese people to advocate frugality and eliminate waste in life. Under the high price of goods, it is beneficial to cultivate thrifty habits in peacetime.

For example, when many people order takeout, some of the raw materials will be discarded at will.

But in order to save money, she added other vegetables or ingredients to reprocess the remaining base material, which not only saves money, but also can enjoy the food again.

Just like ordering Sichuan food for takeout, you can use the bottom material to reprocess it.

  Ms. Wang has lived in cities inhabited by Chinese people for many years, and she and her husband are both in their seventies.

She said that after experiencing many price increases, this time I feel that the increase has been particularly high.

In order to save money, non-essential expenses in life should be reduced as much as possible. Necessary expenses such as nutrition and supplements for the elderly need to be purchased.

Other consumer goods, such as shopping in the supermarket, will pay attention to the discount coupons of the supermarkets, so that you can save more.

  The writer Ms. Liu used all the money saved to rescue stray cats.

Therefore, it is not important to consume in life, so she tries to save expenditure as much as possible.

Because of her good cooking skills, she always cooks at home.

Some vegetables, such as leeks and loofah, can be planted in your own vegetable garden, saving you the expense of buying these vegetables in the supermarket.

  Ms. Zhang, a resident of Herupa Valley, said that because the electricity bill is more expensive from 4 to 9 in the afternoon, she avoids washing clothes during peak hours, and pays attention to saving water and electricity, and reducing eating out.

During the epidemic, she and her husband formed the habit of eating only two meals, which also saved expenses accordingly.

  Gardening expert Mr. Xu said that everyone develops good habit of gardening and planting, which not only cultivates temperament and increases gardening knowledge, but also saves the daily expenses of buying fruits and vegetables under the current inflation situation.

For example, many gardening enthusiasts grow cucumbers, gourds, bitter gourds, and southern Canadian seasonal fruits in their gardens.

In order to allow everyone to communicate with each other, he also held a small farmer's market in his courtyard, with more than a hundred people participating at most.

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