The act of violence is being investigated by the section for serious crimes, but it was police officers from the local police area who were first at the crime scene.

Three seriously injured people were found there, including two children under the age of ten.

- It's a terrible event.

We are working to prepare ourselves mentally for this type of event and yesterday something happened that many of us worry about.

Everyone did an incredibly good job on the site, but you are very affected, says Marcus Nilsson.

He says that the authority immediately caught the police who worked at the scene after the incident to talk about what happened.

- We make sure to take care of each other so that we can do a good job tomorrow and next week, says Marcus Nilsson.

Call support for emergency staff

How are the police who were on site yesterday?

- They are different.

We are humans and individuals, so there is no general mindset.

We have employees who have taken it extremely badly and then it is important that you get to talk about this.

Then we get to follow up and see the outcome.

Lycksele Hospital also takes care of staff who had to take care of the injured people.

Hear her tell more about the help that emergency personnel receive in the clip above.

- We went into staff mode immediately and then you can get conversational support in the emergency phase.

We gather the teams and go through the event, you get to talk in groups with those who participated, says Ann-Sofie Kyrk, operations manager for the emergency room in Lycksele.

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