• The Saint-Omer CRS intercepted a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction.

  • The motorist, alcoholic, has traveled more than 50 km on the A25 motorway.

  • The accused, aged about thirty, will be judged in particular for endangering the lives of others.

"The wrong way, my darling, you are the wrong way" sang 13 Organisé, perhaps for this motorist who was arrested on Monday morning in the North.

According to the police union Unsa, the implication could have caused a tragedy by taking the A25 motorway in the wrong direction over a very long distance.

During the night from Sunday to Monday, around 2:30 am, several motorists contacted the 17th to report that a vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction on the A25 motorway, in the Dunkirk-Lille direction, at the level of the town of Nieppe.

Police officers from the Saint-Omer highway CRS, informed of this particularly dangerous situation, were immediately sent to intercept the driver.

More than 50 km backwards on the highway

Troops managed to catch up with the mad car around 3 a.m. on the Wormouth side.

At the wheel, a woman, alone, was driving in the left lane.

The police tried to stop the vehicle "without risk", but the motorist refused to respond to the injunctions.

A quarter of an hour later, the CRS finally managed to block the driver at the level of the municipality of Armbouts-Cappel. She had traveled 54 km in the wrong direction on the A25. Positive for the blood alcohol control, the motorist in his thirties was arrested and taken into police custody. In addition to alcohol, she will also have to answer for refusal to comply and endangering the lives of others.

On September 12 already, the CRS of Villeneuve d'Ascq, near Lille, had intercepted a car traveling at high speed in the opposite direction on the A1.

To stop the driver, also alcoholic, the police had embarked on a mad chase at more than 150 km / h.

They had even placed a heavy truck across the highway to prevent the crazy car from hitting users.

The driver was finally able to be stopped without anyone being injured.


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