Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2021 - 202205h41, October 20, 2021

Did you know that an artist of American origin had played a major role in the French Resistance? This is what Amélia will discover during a new journey through time in the company of Granny, the old antique dealer she has met. In this new episode of the podcast "Amélia's travels to the heart of History", co-produced by Deezer Originals and Europe 1 Studio, they travel to the border between France and Spain in 1940 to meet the great Josephine Baker. With the voices of Helena Noguerra and Philippe Vandel. 

Damn Nazbroc! The despicable professor has taken another leap in time to try to change history. To stop it, Amélia, 10, and Granny, the old antique dealer she met, teleported in 1940 during World War II. On the border between France and Spain, in the Pyrenees, they notice the presence of a star of the time: the artist Joséphine Baker!

Who was she really? Why was this native American so attached to France? And what was she doing at that time among the French who were trying to flee the Nazi advance? In this episode, Amélia learns a lot about the key role of the singer, dancer and actress within the French Resistance. She also discovers what are the plans of the horrible Nazbroc who, obviously, hangs around ...

"Amélia's travels to the heart of History" is a Deezer Originals and Europe 1 Studio co-production, in collaboration with "Bloom, la radio des enfants". In each episode, Amélia and Granny, played by actresses Camille Aguilar and Nathalie Homs, travel through time and offer you an adventure full of twists and turns and discoveries. Together, they explore an exciting and abundant historical period, and tell it through children. In line with the reference podcast "At the heart of History", "Les voyages d'Amélia" is specially designed for 7-11 year olds. Over the course of the episodes, Amélia and Granny set off to meet the great characters who have marked history, from Akhenaton to Louis XIV via… the dinosaurs.But will you be able to recognize the voices of the personalities who embody them?

Text: Thomas Le Petit Corps (episodes 1-4) / Thomas Cheysson (episodes 5-12)

Actresses: Camille Aguilar (Amélia) and Nathalie Homs (Granny)

Director: Christophe Daviaud

Artistic direction: Xavier Jolly and Christophe Daviaud

Production: Fannie Rascle

Production advisor: Bloom, the children's radio station

Dissemination and communication: Clémence Olivier and Salomé Journo 

With the voices of Philippe Vandel, Helena Noguerra and Marc Messier

Keywords: amélia, origin, heart, granny, border, episode, french resistance, podcast, company, artist, studio, voices, europe 1, france, part