• A giant carousel will soon take place on Place Sainte-Anne in Rennes.

  • Régis Maslet's new merry-go-round will start running for the end of the year celebrations.

  • In 2019, the carousel was already all the rage in Parliament Square.

He had turned the heads of children and parents for the Christmas holidays in 2019. Installed on the Place du Parlement in Rennes instead of the ice rink, the giant carousel of Régis Masclet had been a great success. Completely transformed, this 13-meter-high, 12-meter-diameter double-decker merry-go-round has not finished turning in the Breton capital. In the coming weeks, it will settle permanently on the Place de Sainte-Anne where the development work is almost completed. According to information from

20 Minutes

, the installation site of the merry-go-round should start in mid-November with an opening to the public scheduled for the end of the year celebrations.

The Carrousel du Palais will take place next to the Couvent des Jacobins and will pay homage to Brittany.

"It will be little nods to the land and sea side of the region with sculptures made by Breton artists", indicates Régis Masclet.

Nicknamed “Monsieur Manège” in the Breton capital, this is not his first attempt at this creator, since he is already delighting families with his attractions on Place Hoche and in the Alma and Grand Quartier shopping centers.

"A unique and atypical merry-go-round"

But his new toy makes him even more proud. "It's like with children, it's always the most beautiful last," he smiles. Régis Masclet is especially impatient to find the place Sainte-Anne that he had to leave to make way for the work of the Convention Center and the line B of the metro. "We could have put back the merry-go-round at Place Hoche but that would have been the easy way out, I wanted to go on something completely different with a unique and atypical merry-go-round," he emphasizes.

With the giant merry-go-round completed and ready to be installed, Régis Masclet is now hoping for a little help from Rennais and Rennais to "replenish the cash registers a little".

In recent weeks, he has therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign on the MyOptions platform.

It has so far raised 78,200 euros.

Proof that the return of the giant carousel is eagerly awaited in the Breton capital.


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