The spread of infection among the students at Pär Lagerkvist's school began last week and on Tuesday the school went out with information to the guardians.  

- There are five classes out of 15 that have gone home.

The spread of infection is mainly in one class, but we have chosen to send the entire work team home because they have their lockers in the same hall and use the same classroom, says Elisabeth Wåhlén, principal at Pär Lagerkvist's school.

Risk of increased spread of infection during the autumn

Last year, the spread of infection took off during the autumn holidays to reach its peak in the so-called second wave at New Year.

The infection control doctor in Kronoberg believes that we will see an increase again this year:

- I think we will see more or less large outbreaks in environments where many are unvaccinated and schools are such a place, says Christian Blomkvist. 

Not over yet

The principal feels that society takes the spread of infection very seriously.

The school has, for example, been in contact with sports associations that have chosen to cancel training. 

- We will offer vaccination at school during week 45, but it will take time before the students have built up the immune system, says Elisabeth Wåhlén. 

The decision on distance education applies until Friday and then a new decision will be made. 

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