Manon Fossat 11:18 am, October 20, 2021

Author of the book "Réaliste. Let's be logical as much as ecological", which appears in the "Stock" editions on Wednesday, the environmentalist Bertrand Piccard was the guest of Europe Matin.

He reviewed his energy transition solutions and compared his approach to that of Greta Thunberg.


Use renewable energies such as solar and wind, do not bet on nuclear power for the future ... In his book


Let us be logical as much as ecological 

published this Wednesday, the president of the Solar Impulse foundation, Bertrand Piccard, delivers his solutions to move towards the energy transition and defends a "realistic" approach to ecology.

Guest of Sonia Mabrouk, he lamented that some personalities use guilt to deal with these issues.

"I think these people are right philosophically but not psychologically. They have not adapted enough and have the desire to attack the industry rather than forcing it to evolve," he said. -he judges.

"To scare but provide solutions"

Asked about Greta Thunberg, he felt that ecology needed people like her as much as he did.

"When Greta Thunberg comes before me in conferences for the UN, it shocks everyone and it causes panic. And when I arrive and explain that we have found with my foundation 1,300 profitable solutions, I am listen a lot more precisely because people were shocked, ”he said.

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According to him, it is necessary "to scare" on condition "to bring solutions".

"If we do not show the solutions, we do not get results by simply freaking people out. You need both," said Bertrand Piccard.

Its Solar Impulse foundation indeed proposes to rely on solar and wind to produce electricity, which it considers much less expensive than nuclear, oil, gas or coal. 

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