Every day, NU.nl provides an overview of the most recent figures about the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands.

These are the figures that are now available (Tuesday, October 19), combined in four graphs.

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The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has increased slightly by seven in the past 24 hours.

A total of 617 people with COVID-19 will be in hospital on Tuesday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patients Spreading (LCPS).

On Monday, the total number rose by 57, which was the largest single-day increase since April 29.

There are now 465 corona patients in the nursing wards, one more than Monday.

152 will be cared for in intensive care units on Tuesday, six more than the day before.

The number of corona patients in hospitals has been rising for some time.

Last Tuesday, for the first time since September 23, more than five hundred people with COVID-19 were in Dutch hospitals.

The last time there were more than six hundred corona patients in Dutch hospitals was September 14.

Number of corona patients in hospital (IC and non-IC)

More positive tests than the seven-day average

RIVM reports 3,949 positive tests on Monday.

That is more than the average over the past seven days (3,679).

In recent days, the daily number of positive tests has fluctuated between 3,000 and 4,000.

According to the RIVM, the increase in recent weeks is related to the relaxation at the end of September.

There is also a seasonal effect.

Experts were therefore already taking into account a new corona wave in the autumn.

The virus spreads faster in colder months.

Number of positive tests per day

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Thirteen new deaths reported

RIVM received thirteen reports of corona-related deaths.

These individuals have not necessarily died from the effects of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

There may be a delay in the registration of the figures.

So far, at least 18,250 residents of the Netherlands have died from the consequences of the corona virus.

The infographic below shows the number of positive tests and the number of deaths by age group.

Blue represents positive tests and red represents deaths.

Deaths and positive tests by age group

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Almost 23.8 million shots taken

In total, almost 23.8 million corona shots have been taken in the Netherlands.

The number of pricks has risen considerably more slowly in recent weeks than at the beginning of the summer.

At that time there were about 1.5 million vaccinations per week, at the moment there are about 105,000.

83.2 percent of Dutch adults have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The number of vaccinations is updated on the corona dashboard every Tuesday and Thursday.

Pricks according to corona dashboard

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