, October 19th, a comprehensive report, on the 18th, former US President Trump filed a lawsuit against the House Committee that was investigating the incident that impacted the Capitol on January 6, in an attempt to prevent the committee from obtaining records of his government from the National Archives. .

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  In this complaint filed in the Federal Court of Washington, D.C., the defendants are Congressman Bennie Thompson and his committee, and the National Archives and Records Administration and the chief archival expert David Ferriero (David Ferriero). ).

  In August, the committee asked the National Archives to submit a detailed list of documents covering the records of Trump’s tenure and the aftermath of the riots in the Capitol.

  The documents requested by the committee cover the content of tweets, phone calls and visitor logs, as well as all videos and photos of Trump's activities on January 6.

They also asked the White House to provide documents and communications related to then Vice President Pence, documents related to congressional disturbances, and preparation documents for counting electoral votes at the joint meeting of Congress.

Data map: On January 6, local time, the joint meeting of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to confirm the results of the Electoral College vote was interrupted due to large-scale riots caused by the current President Trump supporters breaking into the Capitol, and there was a fire in front of the Capitol. All around.

  "The committee's request is tantamount to an unreasonable and illegal'fishing expedition' publicly supported by Biden with the purpose of unconstitutionally investigating President Trump and his administration." The lawsuit reads, "Our law does not allow The former president and his close advisers took such impulsive and nasty actions."

  Trump’s lawyers stated in the lawsuit that the former president has the right to retain his administrative privileges over certain documents.

  The lawsuit stated that any documents sought in such circumstances would threaten such basic privileges and constitutional issues, and the special committee refused to allow sufficient time for a full review.

The lawsuit also claims that the two parties have long-standing protective claims for administrative privileges, which ensure that (the president) can, if necessary, have the final decision on some or all of the requested documents.

  White House Spokesperson Psaki has previously stated that US President Biden has concluded that it is inappropriate to advocate the exercise of administrative privileges on issues related to January 6.

On October 8, the White House officially authorized the National Archives to submit the first batch of documents to the House Special Committee.

  On January 6 this year, some of the demonstrators who supported the then-U.S. President Trump’s overthrow of the 2020 presidential election forcibly broke into the U.S. Capitol for several hours, and the joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which was verifying the results of the election, was interrupted.

The riots caused 5 deaths, including a congressional police officer, and injured about 140 law enforcement officers.

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