China News Agency, Washington, October 18 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) "A bright future requires our understanding and tolerance." Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, said in Washington on the 18th when sending a message to Chinese and American youths.

  The "Generation Z" Sino-US Youth Online Exchange Dialogue was held in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province on the same day.

Qin Gang attended the event online and made the above remarks in a speech.

  Qin Gang said that China and the United States are two large countries with a combined population of 1.7 billion. How the two countries and their peoples get along is related to the future and destiny of the entire mankind.

Due to differences in history and culture, China and the United States have different perspectives on certain issues, such as the understanding of responsibility and freedom, collective and personal relationships.

But we have a lot in common, we have common emotions, and we all yearn for a better life, so that we can talk together and have fun together.

Regarding the differences between each other, we should communicate with each other in a respectful and tolerant attitude and listen to each other.

Generation Z wants to build a better bridge for friendly exchanges between China and the United States.

  "A bright future requires us to make good use of technology." Qin Gang said that the development of technology is changing with each passing day.

The Internet and the digital economy allow us to easily acquire knowledge and entertainment, but being too immersed may cause us to lose the vitality brought by sports and dilute the family and friendship around us.

Big data and artificial intelligence are double-edged swords. If they are used well, they can transform themselves into "Iron Man" and help justice. If they are not used well, they can become a "hegemon" and bring disaster to mankind.

Both China and the United States are studying how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, so that science and technology can better benefit mankind.

As the "indigenous people" of the digital age, Generation Z should think about this major issue.

  Qin Gang also said that Generation Z not only represents age, but also represents a vigorous, positive and enterprising mentality.

He finally sent a message to the young people of the two countries, "Keep your youth forever, chase your dreams, and stay cool."

  The event was hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association.

Malipo County participated in the dialogue meeting with middle school students in Roanoke, Virginia, representatives of Chinese and American youths, Internet celebrity bloggers, and foreign students.

  Roanoke is located in southwestern Virginia, USA.

The city established a sister city exchange relationship with Lijiang, Yunnan in 1998.


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