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A video of Brazilian residents dangling from garbage trucks searching for food has been released and is shocking.


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A wealthy neighborhood in Ceara, northeastern Brazil.

People from nearby areas are hanging on garbage trucks and searching through the dumpsters.

I'm frantically packing up the groceries I've managed to find, and the sanitation agency does what they do as if it's a normal situation.

In Brazil, it's easy to see people digging through piles of garbage after the coronavirus outbreak.

Even small children throw themselves into trucks in search of food.

This is a clear example of the local situation in which the poor are rapidly increasing due to the recent surge in prices and the increase in the unemployment rate.

According to the Brazilian government, there are currently 19 million people who cannot afford one meal a day, which is almost double the number two years ago.

Netizens said, "It's terrifying that it's a real situation.

I don't want to believe it.", "It's a situation where even children are digging through trash...

What has the leader been doing in the meantime?”

(Screen source: TikTok andrevqueiroz)    

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