He cited as an example the initiative of Moscow two years ago, when the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov proposed to agree on the withdrawal of exercises at a certain distance from the contact line between Russia and NATO, as well as on the minimum distances that should not be violated by combat aircraft and warships.

“Just a wall of silence.

And when, say, the German Foreign Minister (I heard it today) said that by its step Russia is showing that it is not ready for negotiations ... I just told you how we were ready for negotiations and how NATO is simply ignoring us. for more than one year, ”Lavrov said.

RT broadcasted Lavrov's press approach live.

Earlier it became known that the activities of the military communications mission and the NATO information bureau in Moscow are suspended.

Russia also suspended the work of its permanent mission to NATO.

This happened after NATO decided to expel eight members of the Russian mission to the alliance, as well as to reduce two more positions.