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Discovering Marvel's Superheroes

At Marvel, each superhero has their own universe, with their own characters and their own vibe.

They can therefore appeal to very different audiences.

LEGO has translated all of these characteristics into playful toys for all ages.

The biggest fans of Marvel go so far as to collect these sometimes very large objects.

But if you're thinking of giving it away, be sure to pick something that is iconic from the universe.

Our selection will be useful to you for that.

Discover all the LEGO Marvel games

The selection of the 5 best LEGO Marvel games

Some of the most popular LEGO Marvel games include:

  • The Infinity Gauntlet 76191:



    has nearly 600 pieces.

    It is slated to adorn a shop window and will speak to all fans of the Infinity War movie.

  • Avengers Helicarrier 76153:

    Children ages 9 and up can find all the Avengers on their helicarrier.

    Once built, the device measures 37 cm.

    It will house essential characters, such as Thor or Black Widow.

  • Iron Man Helmet 76165:

    This game faithfully represents the helmet of the leader of the Avengers.

    Planned for an exhibition, it has 480 pieces.

    Once mounted, the object measures 11 cm long and 12 cm wide.

  • The Flying Dragon from Black Panther 76186:

    This toy will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the film.

    The Flying Dragon has wings that can reproduce the same movements as the original.

    Intended for children from 8 years old, this toy incorporates 3 emblematic characters.

  • Iron Man vs. Thanos 76170 

    : with 103 pieces, this Lego set is aimed at children from 4 years old, allowing them to discover the Marvel universe.

    It also displays an affordable price.

If Christmas arrives in two months, the preparation of the presents is already being anticipated.

Mythical license, LEGOs delight young and old collectors.

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