A video of people dangling from garbage trucks digging through abandoned groceries in Brazil is shocking as the number of people living in poverty is rapidly rising amid soaring prices and rising unemployment.

According to the Brazilian media on the 18th, a picture of five men and women rummaging through a garbage truck in front of a supermarket in Baihu Coco, a wealthy neighborhood in Fortaleza, the capital of northeastern Ceara, was posted on social media on the 18th.

This video was filmed on the 28th of last month by Uber taxi driver Andre Kiroz, and has been widely shared on social media since the previous day.

Keirose said, "It's a very sad scene that can be easily seen here."

A supermarket employee who refused to reveal his identity said, "Since the COVID-19 crisis, it has become a daily occurrence to look for garbage.

According to Brazilian government data, it is estimated that there are currently 19 million people nationwide who find it difficult to afford one meal a day.

It has nearly doubled from 10 million two years ago.

(Photo = Brazil Globu TV capture, Yonhap News)