They provide support to the organizers, bodies and countries participating in the “Exhibition”

2000 volunteers contribute to the success story of "Expo 2020"

  • The volunteers underwent training courses that qualify them to perform their tasks.

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  • Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi: "The work teams succeeded in attracting thousands of volunteers, managing them and distributing them to the wings for a period of 6 months."


The Emirates Foundation, a national institution that works in partnership with the public and private sectors to implement initiatives and consolidate social responsibility, has confirmed the contribution of nearly 2,000 volunteers to the success story of the largest global event in the region, Expo 2020 Dubai, as part of its efforts to provide the necessary support to organizers, bodies and countries. Participation in the “Expo” exhibition, by giving national and international cadres of all nationalities the opportunity to volunteer to participate in this global event through the “” platform.

The electronic platform received thousands of applications from all categories, and the Emirates Foundation was able to select about 2,000 participants, part of whom joined the work teams of: the UAE pavilion, “The Home of Dreams and Achievements,” the GCC Pavilion, and the Kingdom Pavilion. Saudi Arabia, United Nations workspaces in the world of opportunities (Opportunity Pavilion), and some of the exhibition's activities.

Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, CEO of the Emirates Foundation, said: “We are pleased to contribute to this amazing global event, and to be part of the success story of (Expo 2020 Dubai). In turn, we express our pride in them and their giving, and we wish them all success in their journey in (Expo 2020)."

Al Shamsi added: “The tireless work teams of the ( platform have succeeded in attracting and managing thousands of volunteers, and distributing them to the pavilions for a period of 6 full months in the first exhibition of its kind in the region, which confirms the importance of the platform’s role as the first and largest national platform for volunteering in the country.” .

The volunteers underwent training courses, qualifying them to perform their tasks in different roles represented in hospitality services, content, events and management, guides, customer service, protocol and VIP services, school visit services, questionnaire services, logistics services for VIPs, and customer service programs.

The Takatof Program will also provide a number of volunteers during the Aqdar World Summit, which will be held from October 24 to 30 at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The tasks of the volunteers during the summit will be concentrated among visitor guides, IT specialists, dialogue organizers and translators, as well as speakers of Chinese, Russian and Hebrew.

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