, Kuala Lumpur, October 18 (Reporter Chen Yue) The Ministry of Health of Malaysia reported on the 18th that as of 12 noon that day, 5434 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were newly diagnosed in the country in the past 24 hours, the lowest record in more than three months.

  The last time there were 6,000 confirmed cases in a single day in Malaysia was on June 28, but it broke through to more than 6,000 on June 29, and exceeded 10,000 after mid-July, reaching more than 20,000 at the peak.

Since October, the outbreak in Malaysia has eased and has remained below 10,000 cases since October 3.

  However, according to the data released by Hisham, the director of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, the positive rate of the test on the 18th was 6.25%, the highest in the past week.

Hisham pointed out that although the positive rate is declining overall, people should still be vaccinated, comply with epidemic prevention regulations, and be tested regularly to protect themselves and their families.

  Up to now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Malaysia has reached 2.396 million.


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