Municipal in Italy: victorious in Rome and Turin, the center-left wins in the second round

The former Minister of the Economy Roberto Gualtieri would have won the town hall of Rome, according to the first estimates.

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After winning the municipal elections in the first round in key cities such as Milan, Bologna and Naples, the center-left celebrates in the second round two other major victories, according to initial estimates.

In Rome, former minister Roberto Gualtieri edged his right-wing opponent, lawyer Enrico Michetti, by 20 points.

In Turin, the geologist Stefano Lo Russo obtained 59.2% of the vote against 40.8% for the entrepreneur close to the sovereignists, Paolo Damilano.


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With our correspondent in Rome,

Anne Le Nir

The center-left is regaining momentum, especially thanks to the former Minister of the Economy Roberto Gualtieri, elected mayor of the capital with 60.1%, against 39.9% for his opponent.

A member of the Democratic Party (PD), the 55-year-old winner wants to demonstrate that the Eternal City is not ungovernable.

Its first commitments

concern solving the problem of waste

, which invades the streets of Rome, and that of public transport.

In Turin, geology professor Stefano Lo Russo, 45 years old and also from the PD, now prioritizes young people and the relaunch of the social economy.

Less than 41% participation in Rome

These new victories strengthen the Democratic Party, the

main pillar of Mario Draghi's government of national unity


They also confirm the disappointing scores of the forces on the right and the erosion of the 5 Star Movement.

It was only in Trieste where the right-wing parties were consoled, thanks to the re-election of the outgoing mayor Roberto Piazza.

These municipal elections are marked by the disaffection of citizens for those responsible for their city.

In Rome, for example, less than 41% of voters called to the polls voted in the second round, up from 51% in 2016.

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