Ugo Pascolo 7:55 p.m., October 18, 2021, modified at 8:05 p.m., October 18, 2021

Guest of Punchline Monday, the candidacy for the LR nomination for the presidential election, Valérie Pécresse returned to the rise in fuel prices.

For her, there is a "French bureaucratic hell" which blocks aid.


Helping businesses. Faced with the rise in fuel prices, Valérie Pécresse denounces a "French bureaucratic hell" which blocks aid. Guest of Punchline Monday, the former minister believes that one of the solutions to help the French in this bad patch would be "to make the possibilities of aid more flexible". "Today, if a company wants to help one of its employees who comes from afar and by giving him an additional tax-free kilometer package, it cannot do it. It is the French bureaucratic hell.", Denounces- she.

"Bercy fixes each year grids and indices of mileage allowances according to the car, other criteria ... Bureaucratic hell. If we simply said there, punctually, during the three or four months when gasoline is going to be very expensive, we allow companies to give a small tax-exempt benefit to their employees to give them a boost, that would be quite simple. " For the current president of Île-de-France, it is necessary to "release energies": "Those who have the possibility to give, give." "As everything is regulated in our country, it is difficult to cope with these situations, to do things fairly freely," she continues.

But the criticisms of Valérie Pécresse do not prevent her from rallying to the option that increasingly seems to be the one that will be adopted by the government: the fuel check.

"It would be the easiest," she said.

"But you can see what we are falling into. We are six months away from the elections and it is because we are six months away from the elections that Emmanuel Macron writes a check every week. The energy check, the fuel check, the blocking of the price of electricity ... With Emmanuel Macron, we understood that it was the bill after the election. " 

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