Al Ain Zoo receives its visitors "for free" today, an apology for an "unsuccessful tweet"


"We apologize, loved ones. We did not succeed in drafting our tweet and we deleted it, and because you are our first partner, we offer everyone free entry.. Thank you for being the first supporter of our successes." A tweet posted by the official account of the Al Ain Zoo, on the social networking site "Twitter", uploaded An official apology for another tweet broadcast yesterday, which it deleted minutes after publishing, after it caused the anger of hundreds of followers of the account, who considered it "offensive to the people of Al Ain."    

The letter of apology coupled with the gift of "free access to the public" witnessed a great interaction by the park's followers on "Twitter", between a supporter and Shaker to apologize, and others refused to apologize in a tweet without an official statement from the park administration, and pledged to take legal measures against it.   

The first messages of support and apology came from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Journalists Association, journalist writer Mohammed Al Hammadi, who saluted the management of the Al Ain Zoo for correcting the error, saying: "Your apology is acceptable and civilized, most of those who do not make mistakes, and apology is an honor of adults." Which was agreed upon by an account in the name of Othman Al-Husseini, who said: “Apologizing is beautiful from you, as it is one of the traits of adults, and the most beautiful is that everyone understands and accepts the apology, for forgiveness and kindness are among the qualities of the people of the eye.”

A third account, in the name of Muhammad Abdul Salam Kazem, responded, saying: “The zoo account is one of the most distinguished accounts, and it is not in our habits to forget the good deeds of others with just an unintended mistake.” While an account in the name of Khalifa Al-Obaidli praised the zoo account on Twitter, considering it one of The most beautiful and best accounts in the country, while an account in the name of Hazaa Al-Rashidi, considered that the previous tweets of this account, intercede for those in charge of good faith.

On the other hand, the owners of other accounts expressed their refusal to limit the apology to a tweet on social networking sites, where an account said: “Apologizing is not enough, if a child, we say ignorant, but that the error comes from a documented account, a destination and a tourist teacher, this is not acceptable, and God willing, we will take measures.” legal at all stages.

While another account responded by saying: "If the apology is something adults, then the gravity of the error requires an apology in the correct manner, through an official statement from the park administration and not with a tweet and a free day," while a third account considered that the "crisis-producing" tweet did not mean a lack of success in the wording. But it was broadcast with the intention of making a fuss and attracting attention to reach the largest segment of the people of Al Ain, and then announcing free entry to attract tourists, saying: “The evidence is clear. the official".

The comments interacting with the garden’s apology concluded with an opinion of an account that confirmed that “good intent does not absolve its owner from responsibility, and the wait has limits, we appreciate your efforts and appreciate your apology, but the social media accounts are supposed to be more official, and be under the responsibility of the institution, and all tweets written must be reviewed before broadcasting, and what is random and not studied.”

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