China has made great strides in developing hypersonic missiles, according to a media report.

As the "Financial Times" reported on Saturday, citing informed circles, China tested a new high-speed sliding body in August.

According to this, China sent the nuclear-weapon-capable missile into space with a missile of the "Long March" type, where it circled the earth in a low orbit before heading for its target.

According to three different sources, the bullet missed its target by more than 30 kilometers, the newspaper reported.

According to the report, US intelligence agencies were surprised by China's new military capabilities.

"Our greatest challenge"

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby declined to comment on the details of the report.

However, he said, "We have expressed concern about China's military capabilities, which are only adding to tensions in the region and beyond."

This is one of the reasons "why we see China as our greatest challenge".

In addition to China, the USA, Russia, North Korea and at least four other countries are also working on hypersonic technology.

Like ballistic missiles, these can carry nuclear weapons and can travel more than five times the speed of sound.

However, while ballistic missiles fly in a high arc through space, hypersonic missiles remain in low orbit.

They are also remotely controlled, which makes shooting a lot more difficult.

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