, Lanzhou, October 17 (Song Zixin and Yang Yanmin) On the 17th, the "Looking for the Sweet and the Same Taste and Charm in Dunhuang-2021 The Fifth Dunhuang Cultural Training Camp for Taiwanese College Students" was jointly organized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Gansu Province and Northwest University for Nationalities in the northwest. The University for Nationalities held an opening ceremony.

29 cross-strait young students from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Hunan University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Ningbo University, Northwest University for Nationalities and other universities will start a 7-day cultural and artistic study and exchange activity in Gansu.

  Gansu is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. "Three thousand miles on the Silk Road and eight thousand years of Chinese civilization" is a vivid portrayal of Gansu's long history and culture.

The Dunhuang Cultural Study Camp for Taiwan University Students is a branded project for the exchange of youth from Longtai to Taiwan. It has been held for four sessions so far.

Participants of the workshop learn Dunhuang dance under the guidance of teachers from Northwest University for Nationalities.

Photo by Yang Yanmin

  At the launching ceremony, Sun Zhizhong, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Gansu Province, said that in recent years, with the promotion of Chinese culture as the main theme, the exchanges between young students in Longtai have become increasingly active, and various exchange activities such as inter-school exchanges and academic seminars have been carried out between Longtai universities; We will also actively innovate the forms of exchanges, and continue to expand the participation and sense of gain in cross-strait youth exchanges from all walks of life.

  "I have fully charged the camera and prepared for tomorrow's shooting." said Lin Yanzhi, a Taiwanese student at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Before that, she didn't know much about Dunhuang culture. At first, she signed up to see the scenery of northwestern China. This workshop.

But after learning Dunhuang dance today and experiencing it personally, I look forward to the next trip of Dunhuang cultural exchange.

  In the afternoon of the same day, the trainees of the training camp participated in sports activities such as shuttlecock kicking, tug-of-war and basketball, and listened to academic lectures on Gansu history and culture.

  On their way to Dunhuang, the students will also visit Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring and other cultural and natural treasures, and watch the large-scale sitcom "See Dunhuang Again".

During this trip, young people on both sides of the strait will focus on the lens to freeze images that reflect the cultural heritage of the ancient Silk Road.

  Cao Qizheng, a teacher in the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said that organizing young people from both sides of the strait to travel together along the ancient Silk Road will allow them to appreciate the long and splendid Chinese culture, feel the rich cultural heritage and unique natural features of Gansu, and experience the excellent culture of the Chinese nation. Context and heritage.


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