- I came across a guy who had gotten stuck in a lot of geggamoja.

He did not come loose so me and his friend had to help pull him up, says 10-year-old Oskar Adamheit.

"A little tough and sweaty of course."

This is how the organizers describe the race itself "Kalvruset" - which is open to "tough boys and girls between 5 and 15 years who want to test their strength on a demanding and crazy fun terrain course".

But for many children, it became more crazy than fun.

Police operation after lost children

During the race, several children also got lost.

Police and rescue services were called in to search for the children and ambulance personnel helped children who felt chilled.

- It should be fun to run a race like this, but many of those who participated this year will probably not want to do it again, says 12-year-old Charlotte Adamheit.

In the video, the organizer behind "Kalvruset" gives his view on what happened during the weekend.