China News Service, Beijing, October 17th. At 11 o'clock on the 16th, Beijing time (10 o'clock on the 16th, Laos time), the "Lancang" EMU manufactured by CRRC arrived at the newly completed Vientiane Station on the China-Laos Railway. Delivered to the Laos-China Railway Company.

A number of foreign media reports pointed out that the construction of the "Lan Cang" and the China-Laos Railway has brought happiness and prosperity to the people of China and Laos, demonstrating the profound friendship between the two countries.

  Laos’ “Vientiane Times” reported on the 16th that Lao’s Minister of Public Works and Transport Rong Savat stated at the “Lan Cang” delivery ceremony that the Laos-China Railway is a cooperative project under China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and it is also a “change in Laos”. Lu Suoguo is a landmark achievement of the "Lu Lianguo" strategic docking.

The picture shows the Chinese Ambassador to Laos Jiang Zaidong (left) and Lao Minister of Public Works and Transportation Van Shava unveiled the "Lan Cang" EMU.

China News Agency issued fan school photo

  The report stated that Laos and China will unveil the railway connecting Vientiane and the Chinese border on December 2, the day when the Lao People’s Democratic Republic celebrates its 46th anniversary.

"The Laos-China Railway will become a symbol of Laos-China friendship and bring happiness and prosperity to the people of the two countries." Rongsavat said.

  According to the report, the Laos-China Railway is currently undergoing a thorough inspection before it is put into use, which indicates that Laos is entering a new era of electric railway transportation.

This railway runs from Vientiane to the Chinese border, passing through Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Oudomxay and Luang Nam Pagoda. It is expected to reduce the cost of road transportation by 30% to 40%, thereby promoting trade and investment in Laos.

  Laos "KPL News" reported on the 16th that the "Lancang" EMU named after Laos's old name "Lancang Kingdom" arrived in Vientiane. It will be officially put into use after trial operation and technical inspection.

Rongsavat said on the same day that this "Lancang" EMU train, which was just successfully handed over, marked that the Laos-China Railway construction project has entered a critical dynamic approval stage, and the Lao-China Railway is about to enter the operational stage.

  The Malaysian-based "Nam News Network" published an article on its official website on the 17th, stating that Lao’s Minister of Public Works and Transport Rong Savat stated that the design and design of the "Lan Cang" EMU train Manufacturing is an important part of the construction of the Lao-China railway, and the Lao government attaches great importance to it.

  According to the report, the "Lan Cang" EMU is painted in the red, blue, and white colors of the Lao national flag. The interior design of the carriage incorporates traditional cultural elements of China and Laos, reflecting the longing for a better life of the Lao people and the mutual understanding between the two peoples. Friendship between.

  The Japanese news website Global News Asia reported that the Lancang was a CR200J train produced by CRRC, a Chinese state-owned company, when it passed the Boding station in northern Laos. As the background color, supplemented by red and dark blue lines, the design is stable.

The report pointed out that according to China's “One Belt One Road” construction concept, the railway connecting China and Laos is also planned to be extended to Thailand and Vietnam, and some projects have already begun.


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