A dog secretly hiding in the owner's couple's suitcase has been found at the airport and is becoming a hot topic.

On the 13th local time, foreign media such as NBC in the United States reported on the incident where their dog came out of the luggage bag of the Owens couple heading to Las Vegas at the end of last month.

The Owens carefully packed their luggage according to the airline's free baggage allowance, but somehow, when they arrived at the airport, the bag was heavier than expected.

Unwilling to pay the extra fee, the couple unpacked their bags again at the airline counter to organize their luggage.

▲ Ikki found at the airport counter while hiding in his boots.

At that time, the couple's dog, Ikki, suddenly popped out of the bag. Ikki, a Chihuahua species weighing a little over 2 kg, is known to have followed him to the airport by hiding in his favorite shoes.

In an interview with a local media outlet, my husband said, "I was terribly surprised to see a small, cute hair wriggling in my boots.

My wife also expressed surprise, saying, "It's ridiculous," and "I didn't hear anything from the bag all the way to the airport."

When asked how the dog got into the suitcase, the husband said, "The last thing I took on the day of the flight were those shoes."

He added that Ikki originally likes to dig everywhere.

It is said that Ikki, an abandoned dog wandering on the road, was rescued by the Owens five years ago. The couple took great care of the little dog, which was left with only the bones, and gave him the name 'Ikki'.

My wife laughed and said, “Ikki is now very spoiled,” but she was relieved that Ikki was found quickly.

Meanwhile, it is said that Ikki headed home in the arms of another family living near the airport.

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(Photo = NBC5 news capture)   

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