The United States has offered compensation to relatives of a drone attack in Kabul that killed Afghan civilians.

It is not clear what financial compensation the families will receive.

The next of kin will also be given the opportunity to move to the US.

On August 29, US intelligence agencies tracked a white Toyota for eight hours as they suspected an Islamic State (IS) militant was driving the vehicle, possibly carrying a bomb.

Then the vehicle was bombed.

Ten people from the same family, including seven children, were killed in the attack.

The relatives had previously demanded compensation and also want a personal apology for the mistake of the intelligence services.

The drone attack also killed the driver of the car, an aid worker from an international food and education aid organization.

The Pentagon is said to have had a video call with founder and chairman Steven Kwon on Thursday,

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It is unclear what agreements both parties have made.

US military command speaks of 'tragic mistake'

US Army General Frank McKenzie had previously apologized for the "tragic decision" and acknowledged a mistake had been made.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also went through the dust.

The US carried out the drone strike as many countries carried out evacuation attempts from the airport in Kabul.

As planes flew in and out of the Afghan capital, IS-K terror organization carried out a bloody attack at one of the airport gates, killing at least 170 people.

The drone attack was in retaliation for that attack.

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