It was later discovered that a Chinese girl applied for a program that only selects male idols by deceiving her gender.

This girl was a trainee in the group and acted as a man, but as the number of netizens doubting her gender increased, she admitted that she was a woman and shocked her.

On the 13th local time, foreign media, including the BBC, reported that 13-year-old Fu Jiayuan, who dreamed of debuting in a boy group in China, was later revealed to be a woman and had to leave the entertainment industry.

According to reports, Fu Jiayuan applied as a trainee member of 'YGN Youth Club', a boy group production program that only recruits boys between the ages of 11 and 13.

During an online audition due to COVID-19, Fu Jiayuan pretended to be a boy in the hopes of joining the company, so she tricked the production team and eventually was selected as a trainee member of the group.

Afterwards, Fu Jiayuan's training and performance videos were released through social media, and many people's attention was drawn to his youthful appearance.

From that time on, some netizens had doubts about Fu Jiayuan's gender, but each time Fu Jiayuan overcame the crisis by explaining that "she has a strong girl-like inclination".

However, as the popularity of Fujayuan gradually increased, netizens' suspicions grew even stronger.

One netizen even exposed the fact that Fu Jiayuan was a woman online.

In the end, Fu Jiayuan later admitted that she was a woman, saying, "I lied about my gender out of ignorance because I wanted to join the company as an artist."

He continued, "I'm sorry to everyone who believed in me. I will never appear in the entertainment industry or any video platform again," he said.

Fans responded positively to this, such as "It doesn't matter if she's a woman", "It's better if an idol looks neutral these days", "Come back", etc., and opposed his retirement, but Fu Jiayuan's will to retire was firm.

Fu Jiayuan's agency explained, "There was an error in confirming the gender because the audition was conducted online."

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