The Spanish police say they have rounded up a gang of cocaine smugglers led by a 60-year-old Dutchman.

He was arrested in Mijas, 20 kilometers southwest of Málaga.

More arrests have been made in the long investigation into these drug smugglers.

The gang also consisted of a Swede, Dutch people of Turkish descent and people from Latin America.

Local media speak of three arrests on the Costa del Sol and two aboard a sailing yacht carrying cocaine, an American and a Latin American. That boat was boarded by Spanish police in the Atlantic Ocean during a storm earlier this month. At first 2,500 kilos of cocaine were found on board, after which the boat was towed to Vigo in northwestern Spain. Further investigation on the ship yielded another 500 kilos, making it one of the largest drug busts on a 'narco hunt' ever for the police.

According to media, the police action was very daring.

The sailboat was intercepted on October 8 during a very violent storm by a police commando on the high seas almost 900 kilometers north of the Azores.

It is unclear how many suspects have been arrested in the case.

Local media on the Costa del Sol speak of three arrests, in Mijas and Fuengirola, but media reporting on the drug case in Galicia report the arrest of the gang leader, a Swede and "several Dutchmen".

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