Jessica Chastain greets the public on the red carpet (Ansa)


16 October 2021 Stars, music and children are the chapters of the special by Alberto Farina that Rai Movie dedicates to the 16th edition of the Rome Film Fest and which will be broadcast on Sunday 17 October at 11 pm.

Fanny Ardant, Jessica Chastain, Johnny Depp and Piefrancesco Favino, beloved movie stars, tell the story of Rai Movie cameras, as well as parading on the red carpet and answering Mattia Carzaniga's questions. Music is also very present in this edition's program: Rai Movie interviews Fabrizio Moro, disk-jockey Benny Benassi and Luciano Ligabue. And a lot of music also in Joe Wright's film, a musical dedicated to '' Cyrano ''.

The Film Fest proposes many films featuring rebellious, strong-willed, '' counter-current '' teenagers, such as those narrating in "L'Arminuta", "Charlotte" and "Mi novia es la revolución".

Alice nella città, an autonomous section parallel to the Rome Film Fest, offers two highly anticipated films by the very young, and not only, such as "Ghostbuster: Legacy" and "The Addams 2 family".

Everything is told by Alberto Farina, who wanders around the Auditorium Parco della Musica, home of the festival.

The Rai Movie Specials dedicated to the Festival are written by Gianluca Russo and Gida Salvino with the collaboration of Katia Nobbio and Alessandro Bignami. Executive producer Alessandra Sergola. Directed by Luca Postiglioni.

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