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Many people are concerned with buying their own property.

Our financial expert Volker Looman, however, warns urgently against prices that at first glance look as if they could be affordable.

But what about thirty years from now? According to his observation, there will be four groups in the future: The number of tenants who can no longer afford a house will increase tremendously. There will be people who end up having to sell their homes because they simply won't have been able to pay off their debts by the time they retire. Then there will be people who can hold their homes with inheritance. And earners who are able to pay for houses and apartments on their own and build up additional wealth will remain the great exception. You should read his article on the subject very carefully if you already have property or are thinking about it.

At least a little cost could be saved on the house by putting solar collectors on the roof. It takes time for them to pay for themselves, but when it comes to property you have to think long-term anyway.

Only the previous panels looked so bulky that some homeowners did not want to ruin their beautiful home with them

- and it was completely unthinkable for listed houses. Elon Musk wanted to solve this problem. But now it looks as if a small company from Germany got ahead of him. Our business editor Daniel Mohr describes how she overcame the complex technical challenges that Musk has faced so far.

This study should come as no surprise to some families: in children and adolescents aged ten to 17, media usage increased by up to 75 percent during the first lockdown. And not all of them got away from it completely. Rainer Thomasius conducts research as the medical director of the addiction area and specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

The psychiatrist speaks of "alarming numbers" and a computer game industry that is trying to "use addiction-immanent amplifiers in games more and more tricky, more targeted and more frequently in number".

If the game flashes enthusiastically with every little success, but the homework book is just gray - how should the schoolwork be done with similar motivation?

Our volunteer David Lindenfeld had a highly informative conversation with the psychiatrist, which explains, among other things, why computer game addiction is a particular addiction.

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