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A month and a half after his presentation of the "Marseille en grand" investment plan, Emmanuel Macron returned to Marseille on Friday.

On site, the municipality is awaiting specific announcements, particularly on the school renovation component. 


If his stay in the Marseille city is brief, Emmanuel Macron is nonetheless eagerly awaited.

On Friday, the President of the Republic returned to Marseille, where he went to the northern districts to conclude a meeting between public authorities, associations and companies.

Its objective was to take stock of the commitments made in early September, when it announced an investment plan, "Marseille en Grand", which focused in particular on the renovation of schools, transport and housing.

But on the spot, after the words of love, we are now waiting for proof. 


 Back in Marseille, Macron expected at the turn to launch the renovation of schools

The president is thus expected, for example, on the renovation component of 174 schools.

Teachers, parents and the municipality… All are waiting to know the amount of the State's contribution.

For his part, Mayor Benoît Payan does not hide his impatience.

"The president said he was going to come back to Marseille. He is there, he is coming back. We got down to work and now we are waiting for the State to make decisions, for the President of the Republic to give us his version of the things, and above all announces state aid for schools, for transport, for the metropolis, "he explains at the microphone of Europe 1. 

What timetable for the renovation of schools? 

Because the municipality bludgeoned him all week: the school renovation plan is ready, except for one detail… The construction schedule.

Ten or 50 years to do them, everything will depend on the amount committed by the State.

But Emmanuel Macron maintains the suspense.

Nothing filtered from his working dinner with elected officials and in the end, if there should be presidential announcements during this short trip, it could be this Saturday morning, when the Head of State will speak at the closing of the National Congress of Firefighters.

Firefighters who are waiting for a commitment from Emmanuel Macron concerning the reform of the status of Marseille volunteers.

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