Hussein Al-Hindawi, the advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister for Election Affairs, announced the end of the manual counting process in all electoral centers, and said that it was identical to the electronic count.

The results, which were initially announced by the Commission, angered a number of electoral blocs and alliances, whose results showed a significant decline, and demanded a recount of the results.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Al-Hindawi explained that the government provided all facilities to the Electoral Commission, and did not interfere in its work.

He added that the elections took place in transparent conditions, and in the presence of a large number of international observers.

The chancellor confirmed the government's welcome for dialogue to solve all problems, but its focus now is on the legal track, by ending the electoral commission's work and announcing the results within the specified period.

The Independent High Electoral Commission had announced earlier, today, Saturday, the completion of 95% of the manual counting in the total number of stations, which amounted to 3,681.

Imad Jamil, a member of the media team at the Commission, said in a statement carried by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "So far, 95% of the manual counting and sorting has been accomplished in the total number of stations of 3,681," noting that "the total number of complaints reached 356," two of which are Hamrawan.

Jamil explained that "the results of manual counting and sorting matched the electronic results, and this was done in the presence of observers of entities and international observers," noting that "the results of these stations were added to the preliminary results."

Allawi: We have reached the point of conflict, and a national dialogue conference must be held to contain any problems resulting from the elections (Al-Jazeera)

National dialogue

On the other hand, the head of the "National Civilian Front", Iyad Allawi, called for holding a national dialogue conference to bring views and find solutions to the problems resulting from the elections.

In a press conference for the Front in Baghdad, Allawi stressed that his decision to boycott the elections was due to reasons ranging from financial corruption, foreign influence, and uncontrolled weapons, as he put it.

Allawi said, "We have reached the point of confrontation, and a national dialogue conference must be held to contain any problems resulting from the elections."

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