Long-time ARD correspondent and reporter Gerd Ruge is dead. He died on Friday at the age of 93 in Munich, as Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) announced on Saturday.

Ruge reported for many years as a correspondent from countries such as Russia and the USA.

He was considered a reporter legend.

The ARD chairman and WDR director Tom Buhrow said: “Gerd Ruge is one of the great reporter personalities of the first hour. Profound analyzes, precise interviews and the ability to explain complex interrelationships in an easily understandable way - that's what made him stand out. ”He was a valuable contemporary witness of important political events at home and abroad. “His numerous foreign reports and travel reports will remain unforgettable. The audience loved him for it, ”added Buhrow. For many subsequent generations of journalists, he was a role model and orientation.

Ruge was born on August 9, 1928 in Hamburg.

His professional career is mainly shaped by his work for ARD.

The WDR journalist worked in various positions for public broadcasters.

A few stations: in the 1950s he went to Moscow as an ARD correspondent, and in the 1960s he worked in the USA.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the ARD chief correspondent took over the management of the WDR studio in Bonn.

For a few years in the 1970s he worked for the daily newspaper “Die Welt” in China, after which he worked again for ARD.

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