China News Agency, Jiuquan, October 16th, title: "Shenzhou" flies into the sky with the moon on the same day across time and space

  Author Ma Shuaisha

  The Gobi moon was in the sky, and the stars were dazzling.

Unlike normal days, at 0 o'clock on the 16th, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center was surrounded by a busy and excited atmosphere.

  Teenagers, media reporters, and some scientific research staff gathered in front of the building marked "China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center", always paying attention to the movement of the launch tower more than 1,000 meters in front, and waiting for the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft to launch. The moment of empty.

  In the history of China's aerospace industry, October 16 is a special day.

On October 16, 1964, China’s first atomic bomb successfully exploded; on October 16, 2003, China’s first manned space flight was a complete success, astronaut Yang Liwei landed safely, and China became the third capable of sending astronauts in the world. Countries going into space; today, the launch of the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft will leave a new mark in the history of manned spaceflight.

  Only 4 months after the launch of "Shen XII", the Shenzhou spacecraft once again set off for a long expedition in the most beautiful season of the Gobi.

This mission is the final battle of the key technology verification phase of the Chinese space station. The subsequent manned space project will be transferred to the space station construction phase. While the Chinese space station welcomes the second batch of "residents", the number of Chinese space visitors has also increased to 13 .

A netizen said with a smile that the astronaut photo wall outside Wentian Pavilion is almost too much to fit.

  This is reminiscent of the first astronaut expedition ceremony held in Wentiange Square 18 years ago.

On October 15, 2003, as a backup astronaut on the Shenzhou V mission, Zhai Zhigang participated in the "Shenzhou Five" expedition ceremony; 18 years later, on October 15, Zhai Zhigang, as the commander of the "Shenzhou XIII", led the expedition. , To participate in the key battle that links the past and the future in the process of the construction of the Chinese space station orbit.

  That year, choose one of three and fly for one day; now, three times at a time, fly for half a year.

Zhai Zhigang witnessed China's 18 years of development since its first manned flight.

Compared to Yang Liwei’s thrilling experience when he first flew into the sky 18 years ago, now asking the sky again, Chinese astronauts are more confident and calm. From the healing smile before the astronaut enters the cabin to Qibi’s “OK” gesture, there is strong technical support behind it. And talent protection.

  "10, 9, 8, 7, ..." The commander's ignition code countdown was heard on the broadcast, and the audience also counted down.

  At 0:23, the Long March 2 F carrier rocket held the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft, and under the attention of everyone, the red flames burst out from the ground, and the surrounding crowd couldn't help but exclaim.

Afterwards, the rocket pierced the silent night sky and rushed straight into the sky. The milky-white arrow body was concealed in the dark night, and the red tail flame was particularly eye-catching against the black "curtain".

The bright colors echoed with the bright moonlight.

  Everyone looked up and watched the rocket fly farther and farther until it became a "star" in the sky.

On the way back, people still look at the sky from time to time, looking for the "star" carrying the Chinese astronauts.

  It is half a year to go to space.

The time in orbit has been extended and missions have also increased. In the meantime, what surprises will the three astronauts bring to you?

"China's first spacewalker" Zhai Zhigang will reveal what phrases will he reveal when he leaves the cabin again after 13 years?

What new space experiments will "Space Teacher" Wang Yaping show in the second lecture of "Space Teaching"?

How will the "post-80s" astronaut rookie Ye Guangfu complete the first flight?

... The new astronaut crew lineup makes this mission full of highlights.

  In half a year of the "space business trip", the three astronauts once again set the record of Chinese space stoppages, and at the same time they will spend a new year in space for the first time.

Attentive scientific researchers have prepared dumplings and Spring Festival gift packages for the astronauts in advance, and even considered their clothing.

On New Year's Eve, the three astronauts will also watch the New Year together with everyone, and send blessings from space to the motherland and the people as soon as possible.

  From the first launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft in many years to two launches a year, from the thrilling "one day in space" to half a year in orbit...Manned spaceflight news is frequent. China is using actions to tell us that we are here.


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