Mustafa Panshiri, former police officer but now debater and lecturer, fled to Sweden from Afghanistan as an 11-year-old.

In his book "7 tips for Mustafa", he advises newcomers to add a Western name, which can be used, for example, to look for a job or sell something on the internet. 

Mustafa Panshiri says that he wishes he himself had received similar, concrete advice when he came to Sweden. 

- You do not delete anything but you add a new identity and they can coexist with each other without there being any conflict between them, he says in Mötet.

Sees risk of exclusion

The Council has launched a debate on integration and assimilation.

Rapper Houman Sebghati is one of those who reacted.

He believes that it is a short-term solution that risks creating an exclusion of those who do not want to add a name. 

- If we take, for example, Ahmed and Anders, or Mohammed and Magnus, and say "change name".

Then we throw all the people named Ahmed under the bus, he says.

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