- It feels a bit surreal, we are very happy, says Malin Sairio about the third place.

And colleague Jenny Harlen continues:

- We will reach out better and gain more weight in what we say.

Jenny Harlen and Malin Sairio from Säffle run a company that deals with bokashi - a Japanese method of composting, ie making soil from, for example, food waste, using microorganisms.

Climate impact

The motivation from the trade association Företagarna for third place reads as follows:


"The winners have taken on one of the biggest sustainability challenges of our time."


"Our third prize winners show that with the right attitude and determination it is possible to combine their mission with a successful business."

It is the climate issue that makes them passionate about bokashi composting.

- Ordinary compost requires quite a lot of care.

And it releases about the same amount of nutrients and energy as greenhouse gases into the air.

It is better if it can stay and benefit the earth, which it does with bokashi, says Malin Sairio to SVT.

In the clip, you get to know what third place means for Säffleduon and how bokashi works.

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