China News Agency Peter the Great Bay Nanchang guided missile destroyer, October 16 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The Sino-Russian "Sea Joint-2021" joint military exercise entered its third day on October 16 and successfully completed formation air defense and sea shooting following the 15th After waiting for the seven major exercises, the "highlight" of this joint performance-the joint anti-submarine exercise was officially opened, and a "dragon and tiger fight" drama from the air to the sea and then to the water came on stage.

  The weather in Peter the Great Bay was sunny and cloudy that day, and the sea conditions deteriorated. The sea surface was blew with a level 6 wind with a wind speed of 11.8 meters per second and a wave height of nearly 3 meters.

At 2 o'clock in the morning local time, the Nanchang ship and other Chinese participating ship formations pulled anchor and set sail, and arrived at the sea area scheduled for the joint anti-submarine exercise at 6 o'clock.

At the same time, the Chinese Y-8 anti-submarine patrol aircraft also flew from China to the airspace over the exercise area, and coordinated with the surface ships to search for and restrain the underwater "Jiaolong" in the shortest time.

  As the "exercise combat alert" sounded, the Chinese command ship, the 10,000-ton large-scale destroyer Nanchang, coordinated with the air to deploy the towed sonar system, and dispatched a carrier-based helicopter to the target waters for further careful search.

  The Chinese commander Li Lie pointed out that anti-submarine is one of the most difficult items in all naval combat subjects, and it is also the highest level of Sino-Russian naval joint exercises.

He said in popular science that during the joint anti-submarine exercise, the surface ships, carrier-borne helicopters, and aerial anti-submarine patrol aircraft used spiral search, split and combined attacks. They must have patience and perseverance like fishing, and put a "tightening curse" on underwater targets. Keep narrowing the encirclement to achieve the effect of "Monkey King can't escape from the palm of Tathagata Buddha".

  Naval colonel Zhang Yong, commander of the Chinese formation, said that during the joint anti-submarine exercise, the two participating parties are the targets of each other's offensive and defensive actions. This involves the core combat capabilities of the two navies. This can only be achieved by achieving a high degree of mutual trust. It is a deep mutual trust between the Chinese and Russian navies. The tangible manifestation of.

Through this joint anti-submarine exercise, it is expected that the Chinese and Russian navies will achieve a new integration.

  In this Sino-Russian "Maritime Joint-2021" joint exercise, the Nanchang, the first Chinese destroyer of the 10,000-ton class destroyer, went abroad for the first time to participate in the exercise and served as the Chinese command ship, which has attracted much attention at home and abroad.

  What role does the Nanchang ship play in the "highlight" exercise of joint anti-submarine?

Captain Zhou Minghui said in an interview with reporters on board that, according to the overall arrangement of the Chinese formation command post, the Nanchang ship mainly undertakes three tasks. One is to release the helicopter, confirm the target, and guide the attack; Other participating ships coordinated to locate the target; third, the Nanchang ship deployed sonar to collect underwater information and confirm the target.

He believes that through the joint anti-submarine and previously completed subject exercises, the long-sea combat capability of the 10,000-ton large-scale destroyer Nanchang can be continuously improved.

  It is understood that the joint anti-submarine exercise of the Chinese and Russian navies will be held in the sea area of ​​the exercise in phases, day and night.


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